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As some of you already know, LEMUN uses literary titles as the theme of our conferences. Every year, the theme is a great surprise, and therefore we are happy to announce the theme of this year, another great literary masterpiece: Utopia.

Utopia was written by Thomas More in 1516 and is about the perfect society. Despite the fact that 1516 was a long time ago (exactly 500 years), it still applies to our society today. With all the events currently shaping our lives, it’s becoming more and more important to think about the future and how we would like that future to be.

One of the problems shaping modern day life are the immense food shortages. Therefore, LEMUN 2016 will introduce for the first time ever a Special Conference on World Food Security. We are very excited to give you the possibility to think about this major world problem and we are sure some great results will come from this.

The LEMUN staff is currently working hard to make LEMUN 2016 a great success and we’re all very excited to welcome you all here in November.

Let’s all make LEMUN great (again)!

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