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The theme of this year’s conference will be: Another Brick in the Wall. 

It is the title of a three-part composition released in 1979 by Pink Floyd.

While many may think the song is based on students standing up to their teachers, abandoning the education system and not going to school, it is widely believed the song actually refers to a bigger picture. The song is a protest against the authoritarian powers in life, such as governments. The government has little interest in the personal freedom of each individual. To the government, the people are just “Bricks in the wall” that should work in cohesion to form a strong and controlled environment. To the people, this means they need to sacrifice their personal identity, as it is hardly possible to build a wall out of bricks of different shapes and sizes.

Additionally, our theme also relates to the current world-events. The migration crises are leading to extreme measures at state borders. Many countries have decided to intensify border controls or close borders by building literal walls to keep immigrants out. All the walls being built in this world, literal or metaphorical, are the result of distrust and international disunion. Together, however, we can break this trend, build trust, and start valuing every brick in the wall.

By: Pepijn van der Saag – DSG External

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