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Dear future Delegate, Student Officer, MUN-Director,

It is with great pleasure we announce the theme of this year’s LEMUN conference will be related to (forced) migration. The reason of choosing this link is Pilgrim’s Year! It has been 400 years since a group of English religious refugees left for America, after having lived 12 years of voluntarily exile in Leiden. To learn more about the Pilgrims, click here and here.

This year’s theme will be a combination theme. The first element of this combination is the piece of art we see here on this page (but then without the text). We see a reworked version of the famous piece “Girl With Balloon” – also known as “There Is Always Hope” – by Banksy. The artist reworked the orignal piece to depict a Syrian refugee girl. Near the reworked piece was written #WithSyria. To learn more about the original piece, we refer you to this site.
We would like to thank Banksy for giving us permission to use his iconic piece. Do check him out on instagram @Banksy.

The second element of our combination theme is the slogan We Are All Foreigners Somewhere. This slogan originates from a campaign by against political figures who want to keep refugees out of their country. To watch the youtube short clip by, click here.

We hope you like this year’s theme as much as we do!

Yours faithfully,
The Staff of LEMUN 2020

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