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We are happy to announce the theme of our conference this year: Pride and Prejudice.
This year’s theme is the title of the literary masterpiece written by Jane Austen in 1813, yet for LEMUN the romantic developments in the novel do not take center stage. Pride and Prejudice are two very common feelings all over the world.
Pride in one’s nation or population is a force that brings people together. People feel strongly connected to their country or cultural and ethnic heritage. Yet, all over the world nationalist parties are on the rise and this pride can also cause polarisation and can create a society where prejudice grows easily. With an excess of pride present countries, religions and ethnicities could be seen to be growing further apart and so the world might become more divided.
We chose Pride and Prejudice as the theme for LEMUN 2017 because we are intrigued by both the possible greatness of pride and the insidiousness of prejudice. Since the UN was founded with the idea of bringing countries together, instead of dividing them, we believe in discussing the possible solutions and problems of Pride and Prejudice in a MUN conference.

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