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Dear future Delegates, Student Officers and MUN-Directors,

We are proud to announce our Staff for LEMUN 2018:

Executive Staff

Mr Friso van Gruijthuijsen – Secretary General

Ms Isa van Sasse- van Ysselt – Deputy Secretary General for External Affairs

Ms Britt Dordregter – Deputy Secretary General for Internal Affairs (Athena)

Ms Layla Charki – Deputy Secretary General for Internal Affairs (Socrates)

Mr Jonathan Buitelaar – Conference Manager

Ms Simone Liesveld – Secretary

Ms Marit van der Heide – Financial Manager


Mr Alex van Opstal – Head of Facility

Ms Niamh van der Heuvel – Deputy Head of Facility

Ms Daphne Rasser – Head of Housing

Ms Anne Carsouw – Deputy Head of Housing

Ms Jenny Xie – Head of Registration

Ms Victoria Hartman – Deputy Head of Registration

Mr Owen McErlean – Head of Catering

Mr Ruben Roelands – Deputy Head of Catering

Ms Eef van Dooren – Deputy Head of Catering

Mr Canali Korkmaz – Head of Admin (Athena)

Ms Hannah Klasens – Head of Admin (Socrates)

Mr Chris Juarez Overdevest – Head of Sponsoring

Mr Ment de Weerd – Deputy Head of Sponsoring

Ms Hannah Dekker – Head of Press

Ms Michelle van Grol – Deputy Head of Press

Mr Bob Hermsen – Head of LIMETTA

Mr Lucas van Bergen en Henegouwen – Head of Multimedia

In November 2018, we hope to be welcoming many students from all over the world once again!

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