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Committees and Issues 2024

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These are the committees and issues of LEMUN 2024. The Reserach Reports will be published later.

Note: Dependent on the amount of delegates attending, an extra committee might be added.

Note: Not all the issues are yet finalised, therefore new issues might be published later.

Security Council (SC)
Chairs: Sijmen Tool and Rudraksha Garg
The Question of:

  • The situation in Yemen
  • The situation in Haiti
  • Evaluating the severity of using Electromagnetic Warfare

First General Assembly (GA1)
Chairs: Aisha de Groot and Yasmine Benradi
The Question of:

  • The situation in the Sahel region
  • Setting rules and regulations for the jamming of satellites
  • Ensuring secure shipping lanes and safe navigation

Third General Assembly (GA3)
Chairs: Puck Ruigrok and Electra Michailidon
The Question of:

  • Defining minority language status
  • Protecting the rights of children in the region of Palestine
  • LGBTQI+-rights in religious environments

Fourth General Assembly (GA4)
Chair: Aimée Sanders and Robyn Sturkenboom
The Question of:

  • The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination
  • Completing the process of decolonisation in the Caribbean region
  • Involving the Global South in space activities

United Nations Office on Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)
Chairs: Tim Weber and Ben Geertman
The Question of:

  • The future of the ISS programme
  • Space debris
  • Regulating the commercial activities in space

Human Rights Council (HRC)
Chairs: Kevin Roozendaal and Charikleia Chrygonou
The Question of:

  • Protection from the consequences of climate change as a human right
  • The future of the right of asylum
  • The rise in global antisemitism

United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA)
Chairs: Tarana Saha and Vasiliki Avgeri
The Question of:

  • Formulating best practises to combat desertification
  • Sustainable creation and distribution of heat
  • Effectively cataloguing biodiversity worldwide

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Chairs: Nadine Noothoven and Abél Bordé
The Question of:

  • The role of labour rights in the integration of refugees in host nations
  • The right of civil servants to express personal beliefs in the exercise of their duties
  • The labour market and AI

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)
Chairs: Jari van der Hoog and Lucas Smeets
The Question of:

  • Protecting and preserving underwater archaeological sites
  • Including minority culture in national educational programmes
  • Returning items of cultural heritage to their country of origin

European Council (EC)
Chairs: Cecile Clemens and Vilmos Elben
The Question of:

  • Industrial autonomy in an increasing unstable geopolitical environment
  • Setting up legal routes for labour migration
  • Balancing the cost of living and the energy transition

Arab League (AL)
Chairs: Iris Hiemstra and Roel Negenborn
The Question of:

  • The legal status of the Bedouin people
  • Hosting of Palestinian refugees

World Health Assembly (WHA)
Chairs: Carlijn van Best and Lanie Loedding
The Question of:

  • The use of vaccines in animal husbandry
  • Fighting obesity and its secondary diseases
  • Ensuring proper care for victims of physical and mental health issues induced by armed conflict

Special Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SpCf. on AI)
Chairs: Hidde van der Ligt and Luca Csöre
The Question of:

  • The role of AI in warfare
  • Copyright in the era of AI
  • The labour market and AI

Crisis Comittee (CC)
Chairs: Xaime Slingerland Rodal, Maëlle van den Bergh and Jochem van Dijk

No issues will be announced. For more information, visit the Crisis Committee Page

Historical Committee (HC)
Chairs: Rohan Ramnathsing, Stephanie Wieberdink and Alexandra Piperaki

No issues will be announced. For more information, visit the Historical Committee page

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