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Executive Staff

Mr Robert Schippers – Secretary-General

Ms Guusje van Oel – Deputy Secretary-General for External Affairs

Ms Carlijn van Best – Deputy Secretary-General for Internal Affairs (Athena)

Mr Xaime Slingerland Rodal – Deputy Secretary-General for Internal Affairs (Socrates)

Ms Maaike Jongman – Conference Manager

Ms Marie Thomeer – Secretary

Mr Wessel Glasbergen – Financial Manager

Mr Koen van Vuure – Deputy Secretary-General of General Affairs


Ms Fiene Jonker – LIMETTA Manager

Ms Hannah Ijzerman – Head of Press

Ms Solveig Lindner – Head of Press

Mr Simon Goedegebure – Registration Manager

Ms Marie van Gelder – Registration Manager

Ms Aisha de Groot – Housing Manager

Ms Ilse de Jong – Housing Manager

Mr Marius Reterink – Multimedia Manager

Mr Ralph Kloppenborg – Multimedia Manager

Mr Ishan Brakel – Multimedia Manager

Ms Agnes van Rijn – Facility Manager

Ms Josephine Blommestijn – Facility Manager

Ms Isis Duwel – Facility Manager

Ms Ellemijn Diele – Catering Manager

Ms Lara Koekenberg – Catering Manager

Ms Selena Knijnenburg – Sponsoring Manager

Mr Maarten Rust – Sponsoring Manager

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