LEMUN 2020 Cancelled for All External Schools

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Dear MUN directors,

We are very sorry to bring you bad news on this beautiful day. In our previous gathering we were informed that the school made some drastic decisions for the upcoming conference. Not only did they decide to prohibit any foreign delegates from participating, but they even went as far as closing the conference off from all external schools. 

We, of course, could have expected such radical restrictions as it is very unlikely for a conference to continue functioning normally in such abnormal times. That is why we had taken the necessary precautions for flexibility in our course of actions, because of which you now will not have to take any action for the cancellation of your appliances. We merely ask you, all the schools that have applied or were hoping to apply, for a short confirmation that you have read and understood this message in order to prevent any issues or misunderstandings in the future. 

We are indeed very disappointed that it had to end this way, especially after all the work that both our organisation and the external schools have put into making this event work. We would have loved to host you, to have shared our experiences with you and to have created something great. We would like to emphasize our gratitude towards you for your enthusiasm for our event despite all possible hardships. My function of Director General for External Affairs is now somewhat rendered idle, I want to thank you for all that you have given me in helpful and instructive experiences.
There is no changing this situation and however unfortunate our fate may have been, there is always next year. Therefore, we would love to see you on our next conference, with great hope in our hearts for an even better LEMUN 2021.

Yours faithfully,  

Joris Das
DG for External Affairs
LEMUN 2020

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