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Issues LEMUN 2013

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Security Council (SC)

  • Reforming the Military Staff Committee
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • The Question of Syria

GA1: Disarmament & International Security

  • Weapon control after armed conflicts
  • Cyber Warfare
  • The Balochistan conflict
  • Measures to uphold the authority of the 1925 Geneva Protocol

GA2: Economic & Financial

  • The responsibility of intervening states in rebuilding economies after armed conflicts
  • Stimulating economic diversification
  • Closing the food market gap between LEDCs and MEDCs
  • The role of the United Nations in promoting development in the context of globalisation and interdependence

GA3: Social, Humanitarian & Cultural

  • Establishing guidelines for peacebuilding
  • Protection of cultural heritage in time of armed conflict
  • United Nations system-wide coherence on tobacco control
  • Assistance to states giving shelter to Syrian refugees

GA4: Special Political & Decolonization

  • Settling the dispute of oil resources in the Sudans
  • The question of the Diaoyu / Senkaku islands
  • Accomplishing an economically prosperous, socially just and environmentally sound Mekong River Basin
  • The situation in Somalia

The Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Economic and social redevelopment after armed conflict
  • Disproportional market shares of foreign companies on local food markets
  • Researching economic solutions for the question of the DPR of Korea
  • The consequences of oil pollution in Nigeria

Environment Commission (EC)

  • Improving the fertility of soil in and around deserts
  • Drafting security guidelines for shale gas extraction
  • Water pollution in South-East Asia
  • The accessibility of Rare Earth Elements in time of conflict

Human Rights Council (HRC)

  • Stimulating internet access in developing countries
  • Ensuring equal pay for women
  • The Human Rights situation in the Gaza-Strip
  • Human Rights in the case of electronic surveillance and cyber tracking

North Atlantic Council (NAC)

  • Cyber warfare and article 5 of the NATO charter
  • Establishing a NATO framework for the execution of interventions based on the responsibility to protect
  • Assisting Turkey in maintaining stability near the border with Syria
  • The future role of NATO in Afghanistan

Special Conference on Modern Warfare (SPCF)

  • Cyber warfare
  • The use of drones
  • Weather manipulation with special regard to non-signatories to the Environmental Modification Convention
  • The use of electronic surveillance in the prevention of terrorism
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