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Issues LEMUN 2010

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Security Council (SC)

  • Protection of civilians in armed conflicts
  • Narco terrorism
  • Crisis, to be announced in September/October

GA 1: Disarmament & International Security

  • Militarisation of the Arctic
  • Smuggling of arms in the Gaza-strip
  • Drugs trafficking, with special regards to armed activities, connected to these crimes
  • Measures to prevent terrorists from acquiring biological or chemical weapons

GA 2: Ecology & Environment

  • The debt problems of LEDCs
  • Corrupt practices and illicit transfer of monetary funds after natural disasters
  • Development cooperation with NIC`s
  • Corruption within banking systems

GA 3: Social, Humanitarian & Cultural

  • Creating an international strategy for emergency humanitarian assistance
  • Humanitarian situation in Haiti
  • The educational system after a disaster
  • Political participation of women

GA 4: Special Political & Decolonization

  • The status of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
  • The conflict in the Nile river basin
  • Use of space for Earth militarisation
  • Jammu, Kashmir and the Siachen Glacier; an internationally recognized border

The Economic & Social Council (ECOSOC)

  • Care and safety of refugees, returnees and displaced persons
  • Reconstructing the economic growth after the credit crunch
  • Access of the urban poor to basic facilities
  • Participation of LDCs in summit-level economic talks

Environment Commission (EC)

  • Evaluating the use of genetically modified organisms, and their invasion of wildtype organisms
  • The plastic pollution of the oceans
  • Desertification, with special regards to its influence on the decrease of biodiversity
  • Epidemics caused by spread of animal diseases to humans

Human Rights Council (HRC)

  • The human rights situation in Iraq
  • The situation of migrant workers within the European Union
  • The human rights situation in the Caucasus
  • Freedom of religion in Switzerland

North Atlantic Council (NAC)

  • The situation in Afghanistan
  • The contribution of member states to NATO forces
  • The role of rebuilding in NATO policy

Special Conference on Crisis Management

  • The public order after a disaster
  • The financial consequences of natural disasters
  • The pollution caused by environmental disasters
  • Organising swift and efficient humanitarian aid after disasters, with special regards to orderly distribution of resources

Group of Twenty Summit (G20)

  • Preventing future credit crunches
  • Aiding the states most effected by financial and economic crises
  • Cutting down government finances without damaging the economy

Crisis Committee

  • This year the Crisis Committee will be about the vatican. More details on this crisis will be provided later and during the conference.

International Criminal Court (ICC)

  • The Prosecutor vs. Jean-Pierre Bemba Gombo
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