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Issues LEMUN 2009

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Special Political & Decolonization

  • Establishing a permanent UN rapid intervention force
  • Achieving lasting stability in the Comoros Islands
  • Threats to the stability in Chad

The Economic & Social Council

  • The effects of the spread of protectionism
  • The economic and social situation of the citizens of the Gaza Strip
  • Preventing children from becoming victims of economic instability

Environment Commission

  • Financial incentives as a means to promote protection of rainforests
  • The effects of pollutants on infants and the unborn
  • The safety of nuclear energy and radioactive waste
  • Preventing activities causing environmental disasters in LEDCs

Human Rights Council

  • The human rights situation in Belarus
  • The right to education for children of (illegal) migrants
  • The situation of religious minorities in the People’s Republic of China
  • The treatment of illegal immigrants in MEDCs

North Atlantic Council

  • Increasing Afghan civilian support for NATO operations
  • Restrengthening the international force in Afghanistan
  • The accession of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to NATO

Crisis Committee

  • Crisis in Europe

International Criminal Court

  • Prosecutor v.s. Omar Al-Bashir

Special Conference on the Rights of the Child

  • Reintegrating former child soldiers into society
  • Reintegration of and support for abused children
  • Preventing the human trafficking and forced marriage of children

Group of Eight Summit

  • Brain drain
  • Finding ways to combine economic recovery with environmental sustainability
  • The role of protectionism in the economic crisis

Security Council

  • Enforcing arms embargoes
  • Transnational security threats in Central Africa
  • The situation in Rwanda and the DR Congo
  • Finding a solution for the division of the island of Cyprus

Disarmament & International Security

  • Disarmament in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Preventing interreligious hatred from threatening international security
  • Protection against anti-personnel mines and the remains of cluster bombs
  • Reconciliation and disarmament in the Korean peninsula

Economic & Financial

  • Coordinating global regulations of the banking system (extension IMF)
  • Eliminating child labour
  • Gas conflicts in eastern Europe

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural

  • Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The situation involving the Rohingya ethnic group in Southeast Asia
  • Protecting the cultural heritage in conflict areas
  • Role of children in post-conflict reconciliation

Special Political & Decolonization

  • The situation in Nagorno-Karabakh
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