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Issues LEMUN 2005

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Security Council (SC)

  • The Tensions between the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan
  • The Situation in Sudan
  • The Situation in Afghanistan and its Implications for International Peace and Security
  • Providing the United Nations with a more Powerful Mandate

1st Committee: Disarmament & International Security

  • Reducing Military Budgets in Order to Provide Peace and Security
  • The Situation in Regions of South America, Including the Role of Drugs, Paramilitaries and Organized Crime
  • The Creation of a United Nations Army which Will Remain Independent of Member Control
  • Combating Illegal Trade in Small Arms in South Asia>

2nd Committee: Ecology & Environment

  • Combating Poaching in LEDC’s
  • Mobilizing and Coordinating the International Response to Environmental Emergencies
  • Combating the Effects of Urban Air Pollution
  • Reducing Lack of Water in relation to Desertification, Droughts and Water Shortages

3rd Committee: Social, Humanitarian & Cultural

  • The Improvement of the Relations between the Islamic and the Western World
  • The Oppression of Religious and/ or Ethnical Minorities
  • The Protection of Folklore and Traditional Knowledge
  • The Provision of Protection to Asylum-seekers in Destination Countries

4th Committee: Political & Decolonization

  • The Implementation and Effectiveness of UN Resolutions
  • Stability in and Sovereignty of Lebanon
  • Improving the Cooperation between Governments in order to Take Active Measures against Criminal Actions of Pirates in the Indian Ocean
  • The Situation in Nepal

ECOSOC-The Economic & Social Council

  • The Improvement of Labour Conditions Worldwide
  • Agricultural Subsidies and their Implications
  • Controlling the High Level of Energy Consumption by Fast Developing Countries
  • The Protection and Recognition of Indigenous People and their Heritage
  • Extreme Poverty in Former French Colonies

Special Conference on the Medical Improvement in LEDC’s

  • Combating the Spread of Infectious Diseases in LEDC’s
  • The Increase of Political Commitment of African Countries to Tuberculosis
  • Reducing the Risk of Pathogen Recombination that Might Result in Pandemics
  • Eradication of Infectious Diseases by Eliminating Vectors through Biological Pest Control

Special Conference on Climate Change

  • Minimizing the Impact of Human Activity on the Causation of Coastal Flooding
  • PCB Poisoning of Inuit through Accumulation of Chemical Waste in Marine Food Chains
  • Glacier Degradation in Arctic Regions and its Effects on Oceanic Currents and Climate Change
  • Direct Influences of Reduction of Biodiversity on Human Health

Human Rights Committee

  • The Situation of Democracy and Human Rights in Belarus
  • Effective Prevention and Investigation of Widespread Religious Humiliation of Muslim Detainees
  • Solving the Practical Problems Connected to the Insurance of Equal Enjoyment of Civil and Political Rights by Men and Women
  • The Violation of Human Rights, including the Right to Privacy, by Measures to Eliminate Terrorism
  • Strengthening the Protection and the Monitoring of Human Rights of the Disabled

Crisis Committee

  • None
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