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What am I expected to wear to the LEMUN conference?

Formal dress, i.e. the kind of clothes that real UN diplomat might be expected to wear when attending UN sessions, is required at all meetings. In order not to cause offence to other delegates, national dress, military uniforms and armbands are forbidden.
Specifically, we would ask that male delegates wear long sleeved dress shirts, slacks/trousers, and ties during the conference. Suits or blazers for male delegates would be preferable but not mandatory.
We would ask that female delegates wear trousers/knee length skirts and modest dress shirts (no sleeveless or mid-drifts).
No sneakers/ tennis shoes or denim for any delegates please.

What are “Presidents” and “Chairs”?

The Presidents and Chairs are experienced MUN participants, who lead the debate in the Committees and Councils. They are assisted by Deputies. Commonly referred to as Student Officers, they have researched the issues of their forum and you can ask them for help regarding resolutions and lobbying if you have any questions. They also act as liaison persons between the Executive Staff and delegates.
You must listen to the Student Officers at all time. Any advice they give you is valuable, as they are very experienced.

What are “Student Officers”?

All students who help organize or run the conference are called Student Officers. The Chairs, Executive Staff, ICJ Advocates, Administrative Staff and Press Officers are Student Officers. However, generally speaking only the Presidents, Chairs and Deputies are referred to as Student Officers.

What is the “Administrative Staff”?

Administrative Staff, or Admins, assist the Student Officers in running the conference. In the forum, they handle all the paperwork, handing out resolutions and passing round the notes. They work very hard, so please appreciate and respect them.

What is the “Secretary General”?

The Secretary General is in charge of everything that happens at the conference. The UN’s current “SG” is António Guterres.
This year’s SG is Friso van Gruijthuijsen. He chairs the Staff meetings, is responsible for all the major decisions and is the ‘face’ of LEMUN 2018.

When will the LEMUN conference be held this year?

The conference will be held on Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of November 2018.

Where will the LEMUN conference be held?

LEMUN 2018 will take place in the building of the Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden.
The address is:

Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden
Fruinlaan 15
2313 EP Leiden
The Netherlands

What does LEMUN cost?

The conference fee is € 40,- per participant. This includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and entrance to the party.

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