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These are the committees & issues of LEMUN 2021.

Security Council (SC)
The Question of:

  • Combatting the sabotage of key infrastructure using cyberspace
  • Stability in the Horn of Africa

GA 1: Disarmament and International Security (GA1)
The Question of:

  • Drafting a blueprint for the withdrawal of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) in comprehension with Cypriotic-Turkish peace talks
  • Statebuilding in Afghanistan

GA 3: Social, Cultural and Humanitarian (GA3)
The Question of

  • The role of religious rituals and gatherings during epidemics
  • Finding a balance between protecting cultural heritage and recognizing past injustices

GA 4: Special Political and Decolonisation (GA4)
The Question of:

  • Political influence of multinationals on domestic policies
  • The occupied Syrian Golan

Human Rights Council (HRC)
The Question of:

  • The balance between the right to privacy and public health
  • The role and responsibility of multinational companies in moderating online behaviour

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
The Question of:

  • Environmental impact of the internet and related digital services
  • Combating environmental impact of armed conflict in Afghanistan

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
The Question of:

  • Reviewing direct monetary aid as opposed to conditional aid to people living in poverty
  • Global Code of Ethics for Tourism

European Council (EC)
The Question of:

  • The current state of freedom of press in Hungary and Poland
  • Repatriation of foreign fighters in ISIL
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