Building our school’s new brick walls

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Our guests who are familiar with our school building might be in for a surprise! The Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden has undergone some changes since summer. We tore down some walls and closed off some entrances as we are adding 9 extra classrooms and 2 PE rooms to our school. Come November we might even have replaced the sandy plains with a muddy pool.

What might this mean for visitors?
In general, the building site is closed off from our students and guests. Our school is still accessible by public transport, car and bike and the main entrance is still in its location on the Fruinlaan. On Thursday and Friday, there might be some extra heavy traffic on the adjoining street – Burggravenlaan. So we ask you to be a bit more vigilant when approaching our school. Pick-up by taxi and car is safer on the Fruinlaan. Some escape routes have changed, so we urge you to look at the renewed evacuation plan as posted throughout our school.

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