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General Assembly 4 (GA4)

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The General Assembly is the largest organ of the United Nations, with all 193 Member States of the United Nations as members with equal representation: one nation, one vote. General Assembly deals in all matters except international peace and security, which is the exclusive domain of the Security Council. The General Assembly has been split up into several sub-committees, at LEMUN we will entertain three of those sub-committees.

The General Assembly 4 deals with special, political and decolonization issues. In the past, the GA 4 has discussed topics such as the peaceful use of outer space or the status of non-self-governing territories.


The Issues for 2018 are:

The Question of:

Rules of Procedure

During most of the conference, the GA 4 follows the standard rules of procedure, without ad-hoc debate. At the end of the last day, all GAs come together for the Plenary Session, where they will discuss passed resolutions from the sub-committees. Amendments are not allowed in the Plenary Session, but delegates can still speak in favor or against the resolution.

Current Members

The following nations have a delegation to the GA4 at LEMUN 2018:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Central African Republic, China, Colombia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, France, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Isreal, Jamaica, Japan, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Sudan, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom, the United States of America

Student Officers

Rahman Fakhry (Chair) and Nicol Konstantaropoulou (Deputy-Chair) will be the Student Officers for the General Assembly 4 at LEMUN 2018

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