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Executive StaffPlacard

Mr Dirk Bijleveld – Secretary General

Ms Afra Peetoom – Deputy Secretary General for External Affairs

Mr Stijn Zelhorst – Deputy Secretary General for Internal Affairs

Ms Tessel van der Oord – Deputy Secretary General for Internal Affairs

Ms Raisa Mulder – Secretary

Ms Fleur Walravens – Conference Manager

Mr Friso van Gruijthuijsen – Financial Manager



Ms Zoe ten Voorde – Housing Manager

Ms Micha van Os – Deputy Housing Manager

Mr Bas Bouman – Head of Admin

Ms Görkem Gürel – Deputy Head of Admin

Ms Sanne van den Brande – Registration Manager

Ms Daphne Rasser – Deputy Registration Manager

Mr Jonathan Buitelaar – Facility Manager

Mr Alex van Opstal – Deputy Facility Manager

Ms Jeanne van der Sande – Head of LIMETTA

Ms Yan van Leeuwen – Sponsoring Manager

Mr Canali Korkmaz – Deputy Sponsoring Manager

Ms Fleur Bleeker – Head of Catering

Ms Merel Smeets – Deputy Head of Catering

Mr Owen McErlean – Deputy Head of Catering

Ms Lois Warmelink – Head of Press and Public Relations Manager

Ms Hannah Klasens – Deputy Head of Press

Ms Niamh van der Heuvel – Multimedia Manager


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