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Executive Staff

Ms Bente Stam – Secretary General

Ms Jone de Roode Jaureghi – Deputy Secretary General for External Affairs

Ms Hannah Fase – Deputy Secretary General for Internal Affairs (Athena)

Ms Shoshanah van de Vosse – Deputy Secretary General for Internal Affairs (Socrates)

Ms Lotti Takken – Secretary

Ms Iva Hoefnagel – Conference Manager

Ms Fleur Walravens – Financial Manager



Mr Stijn Zeilhorst – Head of Housing

Ms Gabrielle Haas – Deputy Head of Housing 

Ms Tessel van der Oord – Head of Admin

Mr Bas Bouman – Deputy Head of Admin

Ms Dana Saleh – Head of Registration 

Ms Raisa Mulder – Deputy Head of Registration 

Mr Luuk den Ouden – Head of Facility 

Mr Dirk Bijleveld – Deputy Head of Facility 

Mr Cas Schutte  – Head of LIMETTA

Mr Vincent Landes – Deputy Head of LIMETTA

Ms Mette Lindhout – Head of Sponsoring

Ms Terri Kuppens – Deputy Head of Sponsoring 

Ms Dilayla Yilmaz – Head of Catering

Ms Zoë ten Voorde – Deputy Head of Catering

Ms Sanne van den Brande – Deputy Head of Catering

Ms Rosa Boon – Head of Press and Public Relations 

Ms Julia Kortekaas – Deputy Head of Press and Public Relations

Mr Jonathan Buitelaar – Head of Multimedia

Ms Naomi Keurentjes – Lustrum Manager

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