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On this page you can find the Student Officers of LEMUN 2016.


President of the General Assembly1415143_613206092074080_2014765509_o

Mojca Kloos – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden


General Assembly First Committee

Chair: Mojca Kloos – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

Deputy Chair: Nika Engelen – Coornhert Gymnasium Gouda


General Assembly Second Committee

Chair: Geert van Gils – Coornhert Gymnasium Gouda

Deputy Chair: Niels van der Linden – Alfrink College Zoetermeer


General Assembly Third Committee

Chair: Marjolein Nieuwenhuijsen – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

Deputy Chair: Christiane-Marie Cantwell – Neuchatel Junior College


General Assembly Fourth Committee

Chair: Weronika Karczewska – I LO im. Mikolaja Kopernika

Deputy Chair: Sangho Yoon – Lincoln School Kathmandu


Security Council

President: Hashim Bagabas – American Cooperative School of Tunis  

Deputy President: Iris Brafine – Gymnasium Haganum


Economic and Social Council

President: Kannapat Pattaranavakul – Lincoln School Kathmandu

Deputy President: Lara Wentzel – Alfrink College Zoetermeer


Human Rights Council

President: Roos Neven – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

Deputy President: Daniëlle van Biezen – Rijnlands Lyceum Sassenheim


Environment Commission

President: Floris de Jong – Wolfert van Borselen 

Deputy President: Ifigeneia Paschali – Moraitis School


Special Conference

President: Deric Rozema – Murmellius Gymnasium

Deputy President : Malasheuskaya Alla – BSU Lyceum


North Atlantic Council

President: Arman Sahin – Alfrink College Zoetermeer

Deputy President: Tapaswini Varshneya – Ellesmere College


African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government

President: Adam Solcansky – Súkromné Gymnázium

Deputy President: Karlijn van der Plaat – Rijnlands Lyceum Sassenheim


Historical Committee

Co-President: Guus Belder  – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

Co-President: Benjamin Plomp – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

Co-President: Mitchell Wiegand Bruss – Cals College Nieuwegein

Co-President: Susanne Goddijn – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden


Crisis Committee

President: Veerle van Dijk – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

Deputy President: Thijs Vromen – Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden

Deputy President:  Camille van Hees – Murmellius Gymnasium 

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