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On this page you can find the Student Officers of LEMUN 2014.


General Assembly First Committee

Chair: Mert Kumru

Deputy Chair: Mariam Tsagikian


General Assembly Second Committee

Chair: Eline van Krimpen

Deputy Chair: Jeffrey Gauri


General Assembly Third Committee

Chair: Adriaan Dirven

Deputy Chair: Julia Szadkowska


General Assembly Fourth Committee

Chair: Lorenzo Nieuwenburg

Deputy Chair: Hannah Blom


European Council

President: Charlotte van der Werf

Deputy President: Lars Vlaardingerbroek


Security Council

President: Damla Demir

Deputy President: Pieter Sellies


Economic and Social Council

President: Kirsten Raphael

Deputy President: Tariq Lalmahomed


Human Rights Council

President: Gabriela van Leersum

Deputy President: Willemijn de Boer


North Atlantic Council

President: Jari Boekhorst

Deputy President: Daan Blok


Special Conference

President: Jakob Olliviér de Leth

Deputy President: Jesper Kuppen


Historical Committee

President: Joost Rotteveel Mansveld

Co-President: Max Callies


Crisis Committee

President: Sophie Auton

Deputy President: Bob Ilijasevic

Deputy President: Lili Szuhai


Arab League

President: Victor van der Bom

Deputy President: Juliette van Lierop

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