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The world of Model United Nations bases itself on the principles of giving a voice to students in order to learn more about diplomacy, public speaking and real-world issues. These principles are so important to the development of this generation that we want to make sure that LEMUN is as accessible as possible. Every student, no matter their financial situation or personal obstacles, should be given a fair chance to participate in this conference. That is why LEMUN gives away full scholarships to deserving students who have personal struggles with the costs. MUN is all about inclusion, therefore students who cannot afford the conference fee and/or travel expenses, but would make a great delegate should be given a fair chance.

If you, as a MUN Director, know such students that have ambition, and motivation and are eager to participate in MUN, please let us know. We kindly ask you to be discrete with the Annika Fawcett-Greup Fund, we want to make these students feel accepted without any sense of shame regarding their application to the Fund.

For questions or applications regarding this Fund please contact foundation@lemun.org

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