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We have announced (almost) all issues of LEMUN 2018. You can see them below.


Security Council (SC)
The Question of:

GA 1: Disarmament and International Security (GA1)
The Question of:

GA 3: Social, Cultural and Humanitarian (GA3)
The Question of:

GA 4: Special Political and Decolonisation (GA4)
The Question of:

Economic and Socal Council (ECOSOC)
The Question of:

Human Rights Council (HRC)
The Question of:

  • Human rights of suspects of terrorism
  • The legal position of women in family and inheritance law
  • Stateless individuals
  • Political “re-education camps”

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
The Question of:

  • The sustainable use of forest resources
  • The effect of border control on animal populations
  • Microplastic pollution
  • Measures for the recovery of insect populations

World Health Assembly (WHA)
The Question of:

North Atlantic Council (NAC)
The Question of:

  • The growing Russian influence on the Balkans
  • The weaponization of social media
  • The future of European military integration
  • T.B.A.

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)
The Question of:

Group of Twenty (G20)
The Question of:

  • Regulating and monitoring global financial markets
  • Decreasing worldwide carbon dioxide emissions by means of financial stimuli
  • The impact of tariffs on the global economy
  • Managing the rising cost of health care in industrialized countries

Crisis Committee (CC)
No issue will be announced

Historical Committee (HC)
No issue will be announced

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