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AL – Requirements for normalising the relations with the state of Israel

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The state of Israel and the Arab League have been very contentious ever since the conception of both entities. Up to this day many members of the Arab League have no or very limited formal relations with the state of Israel. In 2020 the United Arab Emirates became the third majority Arab state to establish a full diplomatic relationship with Israel (after Egypt and Jordan).  This was followed shortly after by Morocco. The response amongst the international community and within the Arab League to these steps were mixed. While generally lauded by the West, many Arab nations decried the decisions as being counterproductive to the Palestinian cause. 

There can, however, be no denying that the times are changing and that the mood within the Arab League towards Israel and the Palestians is changing too. The committee should discuss if a common framework in their approach to the State of Israel and the State of Palestine can be found. 

In recent weeks, the context of this issue has changed immensely. Taking the unpredictability of the development of the issue into account, we would like to kindly ask delegates to keep themselves updated on it by checking news sites regularly.

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