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Staff 2023

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Executive Staff

Mr Xaime Slingerland Rodal – Secretary-General

Ms Aisha de Groot – Deputy Secretary-General for External Affairs

Mr Martin de Haan – Head of Internal Affairs (Athena)

Ms Josephine Blommestijn – Head of Internal Affairs (Socrates)

Ms Carlijn van Best – Conference Manager

Ms Saar Osinga – Secretary / Communications Manager

Mr Kevin Roozendaal – Financial Manager


Ms Guusje van Oel – Head of Admin (Athena)

Mr Sebastian Gonzalez Elovsson – Head of Admin (Socrates)

Mr Abdalla Raafat – Catering Manager

Mr Abed Sadat – Deputy Catering Manager

Ms Linde van Best – Deputy Catering Manager 

Ms Agnes van Rijn – Facility Manager

Ms Isis Duwel – Deputy Facility Manager

Ms Tamar Buijtendijk – Deputy Facility Manager

Mr Marc Spies – Housing Manager

Ms Livia Preden – Deputy Housing Manager

Ms Marie Thomeer – LIMETTA Manager

Ms Britt de Mooij – Deputy LIMETTA Manager

Mr Ralph Kloppenborg – Multimedia Manager 

Mr Olaf van Teylingen – Deputy Multimedia Manager 

Ms Solveig Lindner – Press Manager

Ms Jacqueline van der Horst – Deputy Press Manager

Ms Mikki Bilars – Registration Manager

Ms Wies Osinga – Deputy Registration Manager

Ms Selena Knijnenburg – Head of Party

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