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The General Assembly is the largest organ of the United Nations, with all 193 Member States of the United Nations as members with equal representation: one nation, one vote. The General Assembly has been split up into several sub-committees, at LEMUN we will entertain three of those sub-committees. All General Assemblies come together on the final day of LEMUN to debate their resolutions together. Debate conforms to the normal rules of procedure, without ad-hoc debate.

LEMUN will have the following three General Assemblies:

GA1: Disarmament and International Security
GA3: Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian
GA4: Special Political and Decolonisation

Which will debate the following issues:

The Question of:

  • Risks of weapon systems automation
  • Piracy off the coast of Somalia
  • Cyberwarfare and article 2.4 of the United Nations Charter
  • The future of the post-ISIL Middle East

The Question of:

  • Humanitarian access in conflict areas
  • Right of assembly in Western Europe
  • Rise of xenophobia and ultranationalist movements
  • Secrecy of digital correspondence

The Question of:

  • Palestinian refugees in the Syrian border region
  • International internet surveillance
  • Responsible exploitation of outer space by private parties
  • The position of the Rohingya people
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